The Best Friend’s Guide to Taking Risks

Co-written with USA Today bestselling author Nicole Flockton

Best friends should never cross the line…until they do.

Billionaire Hunter Lancing is at a crossroads in his life. He’s sold his tech business and is considering relocating to Austin to start over. When his best friend, Natalie, suggests a weekend away to explore his possible new home, he reluctantly agrees. Even though every time he’s near her—he wants her.

As a children’s party princess, Natalie Morgan has always been a little quirky, but Hunter has never been scared off by her uniqueness. The thought of him not being a constant in her life has her feeling things a best friend shouldn’t.

All it takes is one weekend and a game of risky dares and one-upmanship to have them teetering on the edge. After the clothes come off, will they be able to put their friendship back together, or take the biggest risk of all?



“This is a must read for anyone who enjoys an all consuming friend-to-lovers romance. It will leave you smiling, giggling, and blushing from the chemistry between these two entertaining and lovable characters.”

~Romance Novels for the Beach


Self-Published | 4.4.2022


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