Skiing @ Winter Park

Spring Break was here again   and we spent all last week in Winter Park, Colorado, skiing with family. I hadn’t been to Winter Park in a good 15 years or so, and still love that mountain (despite it being where I messed up my knee in high school in my first sad attempt at the sport).

Our vacation started off a bit rough. The night before we left I was rushing a sick dog to throw up in our bathroom and forgot about packed suitcases, messing up my poor pinkie toe. Luckily, other than getting it in/out of my ski boots, it didn’t bug me too much.

This year, we totally splurged and rented a condo at the ski resort. First time doing ski-in/ski-out and it was worth every darn penny. Especially with kids involved, and 9 of us total. We probably about broke even not having to pay for the expensive lunches on the mountain or going out to eat (we at in most nights).


I am soooo proud of my kiddos who made it onto black ski runs for the first time. Total confession…I am terrified of heights and a very cautious skier, so blues are my top speed. Lol. I am also definitely a spring skier, preferring the warmer weather, which we got for all 4 days there (mostly). The last day on the slopes it started to snow. A foot of the stuff later and we had slow going to get back down the mountain.

Weather was definitely interesting on the way home. On top of the snow, we passed closed to a large wildfire in southern Colorado, and a major thunderstorm in Texas. But we’re home safe, and, after a nice lazy Sunday, are back to school and work today. We had a fantastic vacation. Skiing is back on for this time next year!

$0.99 SALE – The Wrong Kind of Compatible


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For a limited time only (Feb 12-16), you can get started on my Love Undercover romantic comedy series with The Wrong Kind of Compatible for only $0.99!!!

✭✭✭✭✭ “Amazingly hot, funny and intense, with unforgettable, geeky characters. Two thumbs up!!” ~The Romance Reviews (Top Pick)

Data analyst Cassie Howard may be brilliant (and, okay, a little awkward), but she’s worked hard to get where she is. She definitely doesn’t need some sexy new analyst coming in and taking credit for her work. Or the inappropriate thoughts that keep popping out of her mouth she’d rather he not hear.

For undercover FBI agent Drew Kerrigan, computers have always made more sense than people, but he’d better develop some slick social skills in a hurry if he’s going to win over the too-tantalizing-for-his-sanity Cassie.

Hacking their systems was easy. Now he’s just got to hack the one person in the company most likely to see through his ruse…


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*Kobo AU is still pending the price drop, but should be coming.

Other Fabulous Entangled Books On Sale!

Want some other great romance reads for Valentine’s Day (all on sale as well)?
  • Duchess by Day, Mistress by Night by Stacy Reid
  • His Best Mistake by Diane Alberts
  • Hold Me Until Midnight by Christina Alberts
  • Pretend It’s Love by Stephanie London
  • Seducing Charlotte by Diana Qunicy
  • Her Summer with the Marine by Susan Meier
  • Falling for Her Soldier by Ophelia London
  • Beyond the Stars by Stacy Wise
  • The Heartbreak Hypothesis by Lindsey Frydman

Check them out here!

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Tule Contract – Hills of Texas Books 3-5

I am thrilled to announce that I’ve just signed a contract with Tule Publishing for books 3-5 in my Hills of Texas series.

Book 1, Saving the Sheriff, just released in January. Book 2, Resisting the Rancher, comes out in April! And now the rest of the series will be coming soon!!!

tule-logo-top          southern-born

albino-bluebonnetsFor the Hills of Texas, ranching is a legacy, hard work is a way of life, and having siblings is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there. Family will stand by you, stand with you, stand behind you, and sometimes give you that needed push. Especially when it comes to finding love.

Saving the Sheriff (Cash & Holly)
Resisting the Rancher (Williams & Rusty)
Partnering the Playboy (Autry & Beth)
Loving the Lawman (Carter & Logan)
Claiming the Cowboy (Jennings & Maggie)

Release Day – Saving the Sheriff!!!

Saving the Sheriff is finally here from Tule Southern Born!!!


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There’s a storm brewin’…

The day his wife died, Sheriff Cash Hill discovered she was leaving him for another man, one she’d loved since before their marriage. How could the single dad ever trust another woman again? But when Georgia’s best friend, Holly, comes back to town, something about Holly’s sweet, sassy vulnerability has his protective instincts kicking in hard.

Holly Jensen left La Colina, Texas with regrets. She’s returned home to work as the new large animal vet and to watch over her best friend’s daughter. But Holly’s knowledge of Georgia’s past could rip a family apart. And she’s reluctant to go to the sexy…and single…sheriff, as he’s made it clear he wants nothing to do with her.

Both are faced with a choice…stay locked in the past or allow their reservations to be silenced by a passion hotter than Texas summer nights. Can they learn to trust their own hearts and each other?


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KindleFireTablet7Help me spread the word about my new release and get in on a fantastic giveaway! Up for grabs:





“I—” He ran his hands through his already spiky hair again. “I’d better go.”

Holly dropped her gaze and willed her sinking heart to get over it fast. She had no idea what was driving this reaction. Better to just let him go. “Of course. It’s late.”

She walked to the door, and he followed, silent and brooding.

He opened the door and she followed him outside, where he turned abruptly to face her. “I’m so—”

She stopped him by going up on her tiptoes and placing her lips softly over his. Shock at her own behavior zipped through her, even as her lips tingled from the touch. She’d meant for the gesture to be comforting. Perhaps part of her realized that after she talked to him about Marcus tomorrow, she might not get another chance. Besides, it was a good way to shut him up. She didn’t want his apologies.

She savored the sensation of his warm lips under hers. Let her own linger against his for a long moment before she pulled back. “Don’t apologize. Please. I really do understand.”

Then, before he could say or do anything else, she went inside without a backward glance, locking the door behind her.


Saving the Sheriff Blog Tour & Giveaway

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To celebrate my new release, I’m touring book blogs. Pop in, say hi, and enter my big giveaway (including a Kindle Fire Tablet and a $50 Amazon gift card!).

Don’t forget to grab your copy of Saving the Sheriff!!!

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Sometimes It’s All About Scheduling

Between deadlines, releases, running AOAD, my gig as a VPA, and momming, I’ve had several author friends ask how I do it. How do I keep on top of everything?

First of all…I don’t. I am not superwoman or a magician. Things fall through the cracks on a regular basis. Plans don’t work out the way I set them. I get tired and cranky and have even been known to skip a day of doing just to give myself a break. And yes, I have a tendency to say YES to too many things. I get it done, but sometimes with a cost.

Part of what helps is that I’m blessed with an odd combination of stamina and ADD. Yeah. I said it. The ADD bit means that, to help me focus, I need tons to keep me busy. Sounds strange, but it’s true. I don’t sit and do one thing well, so it helps to have lots of things to do. The stamina helps because I can go non-stop from the second I get up until the second I go to bed, and not really stress about it. Helps that almost all of what I do during that time is stuff I love. If I was in a job I hated, that would be a different story. which means I need.

But here’s my real secret…I schedule. Everything.

Like everyone else, I schedule my life, my appointments, my kids’ activities, and so forth. But I also schedule reminders for monthly/quarterly/yearly tasks. I schedule my social media calendar and posts. And…I schedule my writing.


I have figured out how many words a day I can get in without feeling like I’m overloaded (for me this is 2-2.5k/day), and still get in my VPAing, my AOADing, my kids (of course!), and everything else. I take a deadline and everything I need to get done to hit it and back it up from there–at a weekly level. I include:

  • Writing the first draft
  • Writing/editing subsequent drafts
  • Beta readers to read
  • Me to apply beta readers’ comments
  • Deadline

Post-deadline I include a guess at:

  • 2 rounds of editing (1-2 weeks each)
  • Copy-editing – a few days
  • Galley reads – a few days


In my schedule, if I have books that aren’t contracted yet, but I have high hopes for, I’ll still include those books as placeholders. I also apply some extra rules. For example…

  • I don’t schedule anything else (other than beta readers reading, which doesn’t require me to do anything) during the 1st two weeks and last week of a 1st draft.
  • I block off holidays (Christmas, Spring Break, etc.)
  • Anywhere that doesn’t have those blocked off I put a Secondary First Draft as optional.
    • After I hit 2k words for the day for my main WIP, I give myself the option of getting in 500 words on a WIP scheduled later down the road.
    • This allows me to get ahead, but with no pressure.
  • I TRY (but usually doesn’t happen) to have the 2 weeks after finishing a first draft blocked off so I don’t start any new first drafts – giving my brain a break and letting me focus on 2nd/3rd drafts of that completed work.


My schedules are never set in stone (except contracted deadlines of course). I use them to both keep me on task (in order to hit those deadlines), but also to help determine where/when I can do more. That way, if new contracts come in, I can be honest and fairly accurate with what/when I can produce.

I will also adjust my schedule any time something major changes–I get way behind, any given step takes longer (or shorter) than anticipated, etc. Adjust the schedule. I live and breathe off this thing daily.


So that’s me. Like I said, I’m not perfect and I do miss things, mess things up, and collapse sometimes. But I will say that since implementing this calendar, I hit my deadlines with a lot less angst (and a lot less of a pile up of work at the end). Authors, what about you? How do you handle your deadlines and writing schedule?

Teaser Tuesday: Saving the Sheriff


She walked to the door, and he followed, silent and brooding.

He opened the door and she followed him outside, where he turned abruptly to face her. “I’m so—”

She stopped him by going up on her tiptoes and placing her lips softly over his. Shock at her own behavior zipped through her, even as her lips tingled from the touch. She’d meant for the gesture to be comforting. Perhaps part of her realized that after she talked to him about Marcus tomorrow, she might not get another chance. Besides, it was a good way to shut him up. She didn’t want his apologies.

She savored the sensation of his warm lips under hers. Let her own linger against his for a long moment before she pulled back. “Don’t apologize. Please. I really do understand.”

Then, before he could say or do anything else, she went inside without a backward glance, locking the door behind her.


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Looking Back (2017) & Looking Ahead (2018)

Usually I have last year’s post to start with so I can look at my original goals for the year and think about which of those I accomplished, which I didn’t, and anything the surprised. me. But this year my website went down and I lost a lot of blog posts including my goals. Sigh. No worries, I can still look back at my accomplishments and set goals for 2018…


This was a huge year for me when it comes to my books. A few less publications than the previous year, especially in the paranormal space, but setting up for a run of books over the next few years. Here are some of the highlights:

  • PUBLICATION – 3 books released!
    • A huge thank you to everyone who helped make this a great year. Especially those who really believe in my books and AOAD! In particular:
      • My awesome readers. You make my days brighter, sharing these worlds and your lives with me. xoxo
      • My husband & kids
      • My mom
      • Evan Marshall
      • Heather Howland
      • Nicole Flockton
      • Anna Stewart
      • Alyssa Day
      • Tracy Goodwin
      • Sinclair Sawhney
      • Tara Gelsomino & Julie Sturgeon
      • Dawn Dowdle
      • The awesome teams of folks who make me a better author in so many ways @ Entangled Publishing, Tule Publishing, Crimson Romance, and Wild Rose Press.
      • Every author I get the opportunity to share my love of writing with throughout the year, because y’all are my people, my tribe, my friends.
      • The fantastic bloggers/reviewers who took the time to read my books an post reviews. You rock!
  • FUN & FRIENDS – Great times with fellow authors
    • Loved every second at the FRW Cruise, @ RWA Nationals, and @ InD’Scribe, as well as on writing retreats, at my ARWA chapter meetings, and online with friends. I’ve truly found where I belong.
  • CONTRACTS – 14 books contracted
  • WRITE BOOKS – A ton of words written
    • 451k words written
    • 6 novels & 1 novella written
    • 1 novella converted to full length novel
    • 1 novel rewritten for submission
  • AWARDS – An award or 2…
    • PRISM Award | Her Demigod Complex | 2nd Place | Novella
    • RONE Awards | Her Demigod Complex | Finalist | Novella
    • Paranormal Romance Guild Awards
      • Moon, Mist, & Magic (Paranormal Romance Anthology) | 1st Place | Best Series
      • Her Demigod Complex (Legendary Consultants #1) | 2nd Place | Best Novella
      • Her Demigod Complex (Legendary Consultants #1) | 3rd Place | Best Series
  • AOAD – Authors On A Dime
    • The business took off with word of mouth spreading to help me build a clientele.
    • Now I get to work with 4 contractors to help me get it all done.
    • Have taken on the awesome (really fun) role as a Virtual Personal Assistant for author Alyssa Day.
  • EDUCATION – Get Better
    • It’s a goal of mine every single year to continue to improve as an author by attending lots of workshops. Between 3 conferences, my awesome local RWA chapter, and online chapters, I took a ton this year. Feel like I learned a lot!

2018 GOALS

  • PUBLICATION – Look for the following releases…
    • Saving the Sheriff, Hills of Texas #1 (contemporary) – Jan 23
    • White Knight, Camelot Rising #1 (paranormal) – Jan 29
    • Resisting the Rancher, Hills of Texas #2 (contemporary) – April 24
    • One Week to Claim a Mate, Hotshot Crew Prequel (paranormal novella) – late sprint/early summer
    • The Boss, Hotshot Crew #1 – fall
  • FUN & FRIENDS – Great times with fellow authors
    • I am planning on attending RWA Nationals this year. And, of course, spending time with my tribe of awesome author/editor/agent friends. One of the best parts of what I do!
    • I’m fairly busy with the contracts signed in 2017. I have 2 more contracts I am crossing my fingers come through in 2018 which books me solid for the next few years. Don’t want to jinx them though, so hold for announcements (if they come).
  • WRITE BOOKS – Contracts to fulfill means a ton of words to write… (between 400-500k words total)
    • Finish edits on and submit…
      • Resisting the Rancher, Hills of Texas #2 (contemporary)
      • The Boss, Hotshot Crew #1 (paranormal)
    • Write and submit
      • The Rookie, Hotshot Crew #2 (paranormal)
      • Blood King, Inferno Rising #2 (paranormal)
      • Partnering the Playboy, Hills of Texas #3 (contemporary)
      • The Faller, Hotshot Crew #3 (paranormal)
      • Loving the Lawman, Hills of Texas #4 (contemporary)
      • Warrior King, Inferno Rising #3 (paranormal) – won’t finish this one in 2018, but not long into 2019)
  • AOAD – Authors On A Dime
    • Continue as a Virtual Personal Assistant for author Alyssa Day.
    • Continue to grow the business (goal is to double revenue YoY)
  • EDUCATION – Get Better
    • It’s a goal of mine every single year to continue to improve as an author by attending lots of workshops.

My Top 5 Hallmark Christmas Romances

Originally posted on Entangled Blog Nov 2017!


I totally admit it. I’m a Hallmark Christmas romance movie junkie. I’m a romantic comedy author, so I just can’t help it. They kick off the movies at the beginning of November and I love it. What says the spirit of Christmas—love, family, thoughtfulness, magic—better than two people falling in love.

I started last year, so this is a fairly new thing for me. I record every single one and watch them all for two straight months and drive my family crazy with them. It’s become a major part of my holiday season.

The best romances all have a few things in common. Great chemistry between the hero and heroine. A great story connecting two lovers. A Happily Ever After, of course. But my favorites have something more. Here are my top 5…

#5 – Miss Christmas

The tree finder for Chicago’s renowned Radcliffe tree lighting is desperate to find the perfect tree. A letter brings her to a small down where she learns the owner isn’t willing to part with his tree.

This is a new one in 2017 and I loved it. Granted it’s the typical Christmas Grinch vs. Christmas Queen. However, the story behind the Grinch was so sweet with the tree and family history. I loved the final solution and how the heroine is reminded of her original dreams.

#4 – On the 12th Day of Christmas

Maggie is thrilled when Mitch, her long time crush, moves back to town. When she learns Mitch’s love for Christmas has drastically changed, she tries to bring his holiday spirits back by showing him the magic of Christmas.

What I love about this is how the heroine’s motivation comes from truly wanting to help a man who’d helped her once. The gifts she comes up with are thoughtful and the development of their relationship is so sweet.

#3 – A December Bride

A holiday wedding brings no joy to the bride’s cousin, who was literally left by the groom right at the altar. But she might find her true love there when she gains a fake fiancé in the process.

I admit to being a fake relationship trope junkie. In fact, my new release, The Attraction Equation, is a fake relationship at Christmas story! This one does a fantastic job of developing the relationship.

#2 – One Starry Christmas

Sparks fly between a woman and her bus companion after her boyfriend leaves her alone during Christmastime.

This is a traveling buddy romance. I love how happy and positive the heroine is. And the cowboy aspect is adorable, he’s so gentlemanly. The final gesture on horseback is awesome. And I love the song they sing. Plus, they are so right for each other!

#1 – The Spirit of Christmas

Kate is a lawyer who needs to get a house appraised for sale. However, the house has a ghost inhabiting it, one who is all too real. She tries to help him figure out his past so that he can move on. But what happens when she falls in love?

I love the ghost story, the mystery of how he died. The development of their relationship, which starts out contentious and turns into a partnership, is also fun to watch. And wondering how they’ll work it out  kept me glued to the TV screen.


Of course, I’m still int he middle of like 20 new premieres to watch this season, so my list might change. I can’t wait!!! Do you have any favorites? Please share!


If you’re a Christmas love story junkie like I am, you’ll love my latest release, The Attraction Equation!

AttractionEquation_500FBI agent Max Carter lives his life by a strict set of rules—rules that don’t allow for distraction, deviation…or a relationship. But tell that to his matchmaking mama. To avoid yet another set-up, he announces he has a girlfriend. And now has to produce said girlfriend at Christmas dinner. Maybe Santa has a suitable actress in that red bag of his…

Gina Castillo is about to break her building’s iron-clad “no pets” policy to give her little brother the perfect Christmas gift—a dog. Too bad Max, the most inconveniently sexy tenant in the building, catches her red handed. Gina expects to be evicted, but instead finds herself blackmailed into playing the role of his girlfriend.

Two lies plus one dog should equal a hot mess of a holiday, but attraction and Christmas magic might just defy the rules…