I know you’re expected a show don’t tell king of blog post here, but not today. 🙂 The other day I posted a question on social media. I wanted to know readers’ favorite ways to show/read chemistry and build up of tension between the hero/heroin in a romance novel.

I got some great answers, so thought I’d start a list. That way when I get stuck or feel like I’m repeating myself, I’ve got a resource. So here we go, favorite ways to show chemistry:

  • The moment when they’re eyes meet and they connect for the first time.
  • The way they avoid each other, even though they are attracted to one another, but still have to be in the same room or elevator.
  • The first casual touch. It doesn’t have to be sexual. (But not a handshake) It can be as innocent as a hand on the arm, or a hand on the lower back to guide them.
  • Where you can tell they really, really want to kiss, but neither will make the first move. Then they’re interrupted and the moment is gone, but they’re both just SMOLDERING.
  • That “will he/won’t he” moment when you’re hoping he will.
  • When they’re laughing and then the chemistry kicks in and they stop abruptly
  • That shared joke or inside piece of information that no one else in the room knows about, but you see them connect over it.
  • When they share a vulnerability, fear, or experience that builds intimacy and connection.
  • When the other person sees more than everyone else.
  • Becoming hyper-aware of each other. Both physical – the sweep of her neck, the way she blushes, his strong forearms, and personal – the way she’s nice to everyone, how he defended her when he didn’t need to.
  • A feisty dialogue exchange where the underlying tension just screams through both words and actions
  • Their inner thoughts reveal that they both WANT but can’t HAVE, but still WANT

Okay – that’s what came from Facebook and Twitter (and me lol). What else? Help me add to it!

Summer Insanity is Almost Over

On August 17th, the kids go back to school, and our fantastic but totally nutty summer comes to an end. Boy did it fly. I find it funny that the advent of school will actually slow us down. Here’s what happened over the last few months, starting at the end of May!

Estes Park, Colorado

We spent 10 days at my favorite place in the world doing all my favorite things. Spending time with family, hiking, eating, shopping. Loved it! Nothing better in the world IMO.

Book Release–The Wrong Kind of Compatible by Kadie Scott

My first romantic comedy, The Wrong Kind of Compatible, under my Kadie Scott pen name, released with Entangled on June 12th. I’ve been thrilled with the feedback and really enjoyed all the release festivities (blog tour, Facebook take overs, Facebook parties, etc.)

Birthday Parties

We celebrated birthdays for kids, parents, and friends over the course of the summer. February through July for us is insane birthday season. Now we have a “break.”

Dallas & St. Louis

We visited my hubby’s fam in Dallas and all drove up to St. Louis together for a lovely family wedding. We also did all sorts of fun things, including a Cardinals game!

Signed Entangled Contract–Inferno Rising

I signed a contract with Entangled for a 4-book paranormal romance series, tentatively titled “Inferno Rising” under my Abigail Owen pen name. This one I contracted on proposal, and I am obsessing over it. The world is so alive in my head! #TheDragonsAreComing!

Summer Camp

My oldest went to summer camp which involved transporting him to Dallas. And then heading back up there a week later for the parent presentations and to pick him up. It was a STEM camp and they did cool things like learn to be a CSI, build and program a robot car, and dissect a cow’s heart. Super cool.

Time with Bro & Fam

My brother and his family lived in our house all summer. They are between digs at the moment, and they house sat and watched our dogs while we were gone so much. In between trips we got to spend a lot of wonderful time with them.

California Friends

We went back to our old home in El Dorado Hills, CA to visit friends there. We got up to Lake Tahoe for a day, and otherwise took it easy and had a blast seeing our buddies. That’s what I miss most about CA…our friends.

Writing Inferno Rising Book #1

I signed that contract and have been writing book 1 since June. I’ve finished the first draft and am working on second draft right now. Close to 85k words done with 90k being the goal. Seriously, when I say obsessing, I mean it. I am deep in this on and LOVING it!


Lots of editing going on at the same time. A combo of working on proposals for new books, and working with my editor on The Attraction Equation (book 2 in my Kadie Scott Love Undercover romantic comedy series).

RWA in Orlando & Disney

In July I attended RWA Nationals in Orlando, rooming with my buds Nicole and Tracy, attending workshops, giving one of own workshops, etc. Had a BLAST! And rounded it out with a day at The Magic Kingdom.


Placed 2nd in PRISM Awards

My paranormal romance novella, Her Demigod Complex, placed 2nd in the PRISM Awards for novella! Honored and thrilled to even be a finalist. Thank you so much to FF&P for running such a fantastic contest.

AOAD Business Growing

Authors On a Dime continues to grow and grow. I’m getting lots of great business. Anything from book covers (probably what I do the most), to other marketing graphics, to editing, to Facebook parties. Love working with all those fantastic authors and having a different creative outlet!

RVing at Krause Springs

We rented an RV and went to Krause Springs, TX for a few days to “relax.” And it was lovely. The kids had a blast. Other than the cottonmouth snakes and the big thunderstorm that rolled through the last night, so did we! 🙂

Prepping for School

With only a week to go, I’m now deep in prep for school time. This includes cleaning my entire house. Doing a ton of laundry (remember we’ve been traveling all summer). Buying school clothes. Getting kids hair cuts. A massive grocery shopping (again, all that being away from home). And my daughter wants me to help her start and Endangered Animals Club this year.


I’ll be sad to not have the kids to myself during the day, but returning to a routine and slowing down a bit will be nice. We had a wonderful summer, enjoying each and every trip. But I will say it was a little too much. Next year we’re limiting ourselves and spending more time at home. Lol. I hope you also had a wonderful summer, and, if you’re like me and prepping for back to school, best of luck to you!

Fast Times @ RWA Nationals 2017

If you missed the tweets and FB posts, I spent the last week in Orlando, FL, at the Swan & Dolphin Disney Resort have a blast at the 2017 RWA National Convention!!!

Here are a few highlights…


I roomed with my author friends (and A-Game Team) Nicole Flockton & Tracy Goodwin. They made this year especially fun, sharing laughs and workshops and ideas. xoxo

linda-schadtina-canonI truly enjoyed seeing friends old and new…from TWRP and Entangled, my FRW adopted chapter, my ARWA home chapter, and my FF&P and CRW online chapters, AOAD customers, friends from prev conferences, and especially my FF&P mentees, Linda Schad & Tina Canon. I’ve truly found my people.

I was hugely honored to have placed 2nd in the FF&P PRISM awards with my paranormal romance novella, Her Demigod Complex. Congrats to Kathy Lyons on her well-deserved win (I devoured that book). I also had a lot of fun helping (errrr if you call what I was doing helping) with the tech for the awards.

I felt like my”Org Your Writing Life” workshop went well and loved the format. The 20/20 was a cool change up–more intimate and allowing me more time to answer lots of questions.

I attended terrific workshops. I particularly enjoyed Virginia Kantar’s workshop on Emotion and Damon’s Suede‘s on Power Couples. Damon Suede you are the boss! Head swimming with wonderful ideas to go rock on latest WIP.

rebecca-zanetti-2017I snapped my 3rd annual conference pic with my author idol Rebecca Zanetti – Author. (2015 on FRW cruise, 2016 @ RT, and now 2017 @ RWA) It’s become a part my conferences. Like sports stars with their streaks.


It was also hugely cool to see my Authors On A Dime stuff around (book covers, banners, postcards, hand sanitizer, etc.) Seriously…really fun in an oddly fan girl kind of way. Hope you each loved your swag!

Rounding it all out with a little Epcot and Magic Kingdom was just the cream cheese icing on my red velvet cake.


I flew home late Sunday night and slept most of the day yesterday. Now back to real life (and applying all those workshop notes to my latest WIP).

A huge thank you to RWA and all the volunteers who ran the conference. You guys are amazing!

Nerdy Sexual Innuendo

Originally posted on Fresh Fiction 6/16/2017


CompatibleTeaser1Don’t you love a good double meaning? I’ve always been a sucker for puns. The cheesier the better. But add some hidden sexual connotation and you’ve got me. Hook, line, and sinfully amused.

In THE WRONG KIND OF COMPATIBLE, Cassie and Drew take sexual innuendo in a somewhat unusual direction. Both are brilliant, but socially awkward with it. She blurts out everything that comes into her head, and he is the strong, silent type who says the wrong thing when he tries too hard. Between the two of them, they get into a (hopefully) hilarious—at first inadvertent—back and forth of geeky sexual innuendo.

For example:

Cassie looked up at the ceiling, doing her level best to return to the sane, rational woman she usually was. “Actually, grab your laptop. You’ll want to take notes, and possibly work through a few things on your own.”

“Will I need my dongle?”

She froze in the middle of taking her seat and checked his expression. Had he meant the double entendre, or was her dirty mind taking her there on its own?

“That’s…up to you,” she said slowly. Then bit her lip as the possible implications of her response sank in.

I had a ton of fun researching and coming up with different phrases that screamed geeky sexual innuendo. One of the best sources is here. Way more than you’d think. Computers really do use a lot of funny words. Sadly, I wasn’t able to include everything I ran across.

What I did discover is that once you start actively trying to think of and list phrases with sexual innuendo, I started to hear it in everything. Imagine trying to explain laughing out loud at a phrase by telling people you’re writing a book with lots of innuendo and what they just said was loaded with it? Awkward at best, I promise. But I refuse to give up my wicked amusement about these. A little awkwardness never bothered me.

Here are a few of the funnier ones I ran across while writing Drew and Cassie’s story:

  • Maybe we should do some penetration testing.
  • I’d like to unzip your files.
  • I hack you in my dreams, baby.
  • Would you like my attribute on your property?
  • You can talk to me in binary all the way home, baby.
  • It’s not the bandwidth, it’s how you use it.
  • You had me at data.
  • Just being around you sets my synapses on fire.
  • You just made my floppy a hard drive.
  • You have the hottest multi-touch interface.
  • You auto-complete me.
  • I think you crashed my server.
  • Would it be easier to embed you if I show you my plugins?
  • You should see the size of my keyboard!

That’s just a handful and I still crack up every time I read them. Like any pick up line, they’d be terrible if delivered straight. But delivered in awkward, inadvertent moments might just be adorable. What do you think? Would any of these lines catch your attention? Which ones do you think made it into the book?

10 “Romantic” Office Trysts

Originally posted on Ever After Romance, June 2017.


CompatibleTeaser2It’s a dirty job, but…

I was married when I started working for a large Silicon Valley tech company, so I never had an office romance to find out for myself. However, I heard a handful of stories from my single friends at work about places people would “get it on” in the office.

Very few stories. Here’s why… Companies frown heavily on nookie in the office. As in you get fired. Therefore, I am in no way encouraging this in real life. But in a romance novel, this still happens a lot. Why? Let’s be honest, office lovin’ can be an exciting and sexy endeavor—the heat of the moment, the lure of the forbidden, the danger of exposure (no pun intended).

So, let’s talk about some arousing, yet inappropriate, options to get horizontal, or sometimes vertical, in the office…and why most of them blow (again with the unintended puns).


  1. Boss’s Private Office

Not even an option…

These days, most companies no longer have private personal offices with walls and doors. It’s much cheaper to put up cubes, and those suckers have zero privacy. In fact, every job I’ve had, even the CEO didn’t have an office. So even if your character IS the CEO, this likely just isn’t an option.

  1. Supply Closet

How cliché can you get?

Yes, I tried to sneak this in. And yes, my editor slapped my wrists. Lol. However, this is one of the few rooms with a door and walls. I can also tell you this room doesn’t get a lot of traffic, so the chances of discovery are slightly diminished. Although I don’t know how sexy pens and pads of paper are.


  1. Elevator

Of course not…but maybe.

Elevators in most offices either only go 3-4 floors. Those that go higher, like in large cities, are constantly on the move, stopping at almost every floor during the day. There’s no possible way you’d have time or privacy. Unless it was at night and most everyone had gone home. Then you might have a shot. Then again, most elevators in corporate buildings now come equipped with cameras, so…busted!


  1. Stairwell

The alternative to the elevator…

In my office, the stairs almost got more use than the elevators. Companies might take up only one or two floors, so it’s easier to just go back and forth. However, I’ve never worked in a high rise, so maybe there, the stairs get less action? Or more action. (Okay, I give up. I’m just going to include the puns.) Either way, the tricky part with stairs is no place to hide.


  1. Restrooms

Just gross…

Depending on location, the bathrooms might be a good bet for privacy. However, even if the bathrooms are kept pristinely clean, I still say gross. They tell you not to even touch the door handles. You’d have to be pretty fit to manage getting it on without touching anything in there.


  1. Parking Garage/Lot/Cars

Are you small and flexible?

More private options here, especially if you time things after everyone has come in for the day or before the mass exodus. If you got to one of your cars, even more privacy. But have you ever done it in a car? I hope you’re a contortionist and not very tall. Otherwise, good luck. Also, like with elevators, most parking garages have cameras. In addition, most companies have rules against sleeping in your car on the property let alone going at it.


  1. Printing Room

Where’d it go?

Much like the boss’s office, printing rooms don’t pop up in every office these days. Most small printing machines now do everything. Besides, much less work is done with paper, remaining on our computers instead. Where I worked, we had 2 printers out among the cubes. No private room. Although that whole “copier running while you’re having some fun” does appeal. And you even get souvenirs.


  1. Conference Room

High traffic but private…

While private offices are going the way of the dinosaur, private conference rooms are still a necessary evil. Most of the time you can block off a room, showing it as in use. However, you can’t lock the door. People searching for an empty room are apt to walk in, though many knock first. So you have to way the likelihood of discovery with the fact that it’s a private space.


  1. Under Your Desk

Those cubes really put a damper on office romance.

Again, the cube issue might get in your way. It depends on how open the cubes are, how tall they are, if there’s any privacy, and so forth. Also, most of those cubes are tiny, so actually fitting you both under there is a conundrum. Also, the noise factor.


  1. Server Room

Private, loud, and…brrrrrr.

This is the room where racks and racks (or just rack) of computers running the office are all lined up and humming. The good news? This room is super low traffic. Only the techs come in, and even then, it’s not a regular visit. The next bit of good news? It’s loud in there with all those machines humming. So the noise factor is also limited. The bad news? Dang it’s freezing. Office mates might get suspicious when you bundle up in a parka every day at noon.


Maybe I’ve ruined your romantic vision of office trysts. Or maybe I’ve given you ideas. 😊 (Again, I am not encouraging this behavior.) But if you’re like me, a good office romance novel will always top my list of must reads (and must writes). In The Wrong Kind of Compatible, do you think Drew and Cassie get busy in the office? And if they do, can you guess where? You’ll have to read it to find out for sure!

Alternative Swear Words

Originally posted on Just Contemporary Romance, June 2017.


CompatibleTeaser3cI have to start by confessing a particularly bad habit of mine… I swear like a sailor. Actually, to be more accurate, I swear like a Quentin Tarantino film. It’s bad, and I promise I’m working on it. In my defense, certain words communicate the emotion better than the watered-down versions. And certain words just feel so good on the tongue.

With that in mind, you’d think writing a character who is deliberate about using alternative swear words would be difficult for me. In The Wrong Kind of Compatible, Cassie swears a lot (like me), but she substitutes alternative swear words. Not because she minds the swear words. Her reasons have more do with a little competition with her brothers (who have kids) to see who can be the most creative with the alternatives.

As a mama who struggles to tame this tendency around her kids, I love the idea of a character who tempers her habit for her nieces and nephews. However, I didn’t want Cassie to sound too prim or too “perfect mommy,” and so I had a goal with the alternatives.

Goal: funny but not too cutsie (which is a tricky balance to strike).

The other tricky part is coming up with word combinations which are obviously being used as swear words. There were a few combos I tried which, in context, I think would throw readers because it’ll take a minute to figure out that it’s a curse.

I thought you might get a kick out of some of the ones I came up with.

  • Cheese and krakens (couldn’t help myself. the geek in me rejoiced at this one.)
  • Goodnight nurse
  • Fish in a barrel
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Shut the truck up
  • Sure as shootin’
  • Honest to gravy
  • Bananas
  • Son of a nutcracker
  • Mother trucker
  • What the fedora
  • Gorgonzola on a stick
  • Cracker jacks
  • Heavens to megatron (this was mergatroid, but the geek in me had to change it)
  • Bull honkey
  • Work her corn nuts off
  • Farfegnugen
  • Dang rabbit
  • Fraggle rock

I mean, can you read those, or picture using them, without giggling? I can’t, which made them a lot of fun to write. I didn’t get to incorporate all of them, but I certainly tried.

How about you? Do you have any entertaining swear word alternatives?

Geek is the New Sexy

From Sherlock to Sheldon, geeks are the new sexy! What is it about them that we love so much? Why do we want to see them get the girl? Admittedly, I’m playing into a stereotype here. But being a geek myself, and married to one, I figure I can have a bit of fun trying to figure out why we can’t get enough of geeks.

Guy or gal, here are 5 of my favorite reasons for loving geeks…

Self-Deprecating Wit

A sense of humor is often one of the top “desired characteristics in a mate” listed by bot men and women for their ideal match. If you know a geek, or are a geek, you know they put those smarts to work in their humor. Geeks in my world tend to have the best one-liners, zingers, puns, and jokes. And, unlike some other hero stereotypes—*cough* alphaholes *cough*—geeks have no problem making fun of themselves.


Rock a Cool T-Shirt

Pocket protectors and suspenders are no longer the geeky uniform. Instead they’ve cornered the cool t-shirt market. IMO, this is just taking the humor from above and making it wearable (and sellable). Also a great conversation starter (if you understand the joke they’re wearing that day). Bonus effect, those t-shirts help you identify a fellow geek with similar interests.

Score Higher on the Relatability Scale

Perhaps the perception is that geeks are more relatable than those uber-alpha-males, or is my own geekiness showing through here? Granted, when they go off on a subject I’m unfamiliar with, I can glaze over. But that’s true with anyone. So maybe that’s it. Maybe all of us has a bit of geek in us in some way (big or small). This makes geeks kind of the guy next door.


Smart is Hot

I don’t know about you, but I find someone who uses their brain and enjoys learning and expanding their world to be super hot. For women considering a geeky male, there may also be a “natural provider” instinct thing going on. In caveman days, the natural provider was the strong tough guy who could protect and hunt. These days, providers need a big brain to compete in a rapidly-changing technical world.

Geeks Make the Best Lovers

I came across this Wired article and just had to share. It includes all sorts of reasons why geeks would make the best lovers. The list includes things like geeks get personal with tech, geeks dig consensual role playing, geeks know kinky, and so forth. Read more here: https://www.wired.com/2007/04/sexdrive-0406/


Do I even need to keep going after that last one? *mike drop*


Lovestruck Facebook Group Takeover

If you can’t get enough geeky romance, come have fun with me today! I’ll be taking over the Lovestruck Fans Facebook page all day to share more geeky glory in the form of adorakable games and giveaways. Drop by and join in!

And don’t forget to check out my new release THE WRONG KIND OF COMPATIBLE featuring Drew and Cassie, two geeks who eventually figure out how perfect they are for each other!


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The RIGHT or WRONG Man: Bridget Jones


Several awesome authors and I are taking over Entangled’s Facebook page today and debating love triangles and if the heroines ended up with the RIGHT man or the WRONG man! (Each of us is offering a giveaway. Comment with your own opinions on our FB posts to enter!)

I’m looking at 2 triangles, but the same heroine: BRIDGET JONES!

bridgetjonesdiarymovieposterI recently watched the latest installment of the Bridget Jones movies, an on-page and on-screen romance I’ve always loved. Though maybe Colin Firth had a lot to do with that. I’ve been in love with him since Pride & Prejudice. So, I have chosen to look at the RIGHTS and WRONGS of both the romantic triangles from that series of books/films. Bridget-Daniel-Mark and Bridget-Jack-Mark.

After 10 years as an analyst, I decided to approach this scientifically. To help us decide if Bridget chose the right man, I’ve ranked each relationship on a “compatibility” scale I totally made up (when I couldn’t find an official list I liked online). Because, after all, I write romance, so I should know what makes for good compatibility. Right?

Five categories with a potential top score of 10 each, potential total score of 50. (Oh, and I’ll be using the movies for this fun exercise, just so we’re all on the same page.)


Let’s do this…

Bridget & Daniel Cleaver – 32 TOTAL SCORE

 Physical Chemistry – 8

Hard not to have chemistry with a good looking, charming, charismatic fella like Hugh Grant, or even the character of Daniel.

Similar Upbringing / Share Core Values – 4

We don’t find out Daniel’s upbringing. His education and friendship with Mark hints at a wealthy background, but he’s not uptight. Unfortunately, the cheating/womanizing thing drops his score here even more.

Interests Overlap / You Have Fun Together – 9

Daniel is a ton of fun, and the kind of guy that Bridget relaxes and enjoys spending lots of time laughing with.

Accept Each Other’s Quirks – 10

The fact that he loves her large/stomach-holding-in panties is kind of adorable.

Honesty with Each Other – 1

Again, the darn cheating/womanizing thing.


Bridget & Jack – 32 TOTAL SCORE

 Physical Chemistry – 7

She falls into bed with him, because he’s adorable. Which, let’s face it, Patrick Dempsy is. Not quite as off the charts as with Daniel or Mark though (IMO).

Similar Upbringing / Share Core Values – 8

Not sure about the upbringing, but he steps up on the dad thing despite her not being sure who the father is. So, we’ll give him top marks for those values.

Interests Overlap / You Have Fun Together – 3

He’s an uber-brilliant billionaire. I just don’t see it.

Accept Each Other’s Quirks – 6

I think Bridget’s quirks would have eventually driven him nuts. But again, he accepted the baby news well.

Honesty with Each Other – 8

He takes a lot of big, complicated news in stride. However, he lied to Mark in an effort to keep Bridget to himself.


Bridget & Mark Darcy – 36 TOTAL

Physical Chemistry – 9

It’s not immediate (that stupid sweater), which is why I don’t give them a 10. But when Colin Firth turns on that “Mr. Darcy” gaze, be still my heart.

Similar Upbringing / Share Core Values – 4

I would argue they are very, very different people, which is why it takes so long for them to marry (and he even marries someone else in between). He’s still a good person, and helpful in the kitchen, so I didn’t give them a 2.

Interests Overlap / You Have Fun Together – 6

They do have fun together eventually. But in general, they don’t share many common interests, and he can be a little too uptight for her fun-loving personality.

Accept Each Other’s Quirks – 10

Not quite in the same style as Daniel, but I think Mark loves her because of her quirks. “Just the way she is.” Just for that line alone, he gets a 10.

Honesty with Each Other – 7

They do have communication issues, which lowers the score. But none of that is deliberate or malicious, which is why I’m not giving them a score in the bottom 5.



It ended up being a close race, proving that sometimes RIGHT and WRONG aren’t as clear cut as you’d think. None of them really stood out as the perfect man. But who wants perfect anyway? That’d be boring.

Despite the cheating, Daniel still managed to tie with the very nice (and rich) Jack, mostly because he and Bridget get along so well and he enjoys her quirks (like the underwear). I think Jack tied with Daniel because he has less in common with Bridget, but still hung in the race because he is so darn nice and handled the pregnancy/two dads thing so well.

But neither of them are the right guy for our Bridget.

Based on my highly scientific and objective (ha!) scoring methods Mark Darcy emerges as the right man for Bridget! Granted, his score is still in the 30s and only 4 points above the other men, mostly because he and Bridget have so little in common. A fact that’s obviously continued to cause issues. But sometimes WRONG can be so RIGHT!

I also agree with Bridget’s choice because Mark Darcy is my personal favorite despite the wrong turn they took with that last movie. Never break up a couple once they’ve found HEA-for-now (I’m talking to you Star Wars franchise) in such a way that their getting back together isn’t as satisfying or is impossible.

What do you think? Do you agree with my scoring system? The scores I gave? If you score them differently, does a different man win?


Hop on over to the Entangled Facebook event and comment with your own opinions on my post to be entered for a random drawing of this fantastic prize pack:


  • eBook copy of “The Wrong Kind of Compatible”
  • Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right Mugs
  • A red journal (just like Bridget’s)

Don’t forget to check out the other author’s right/wrong debates and comment to be entered for their giveaways. 🙂 And make sure to check out my new romantic comedy—The WRONG King of Compatible!!!




The Wrong Kind of Compatible – RELEASE DAY!

It’s Finally Here….


WrongKindofCompatible-NewTaglineData analyst Cassie Howard may be brilliant (and, okay, a little awkward), but she’s worked hard to get where she is. She definitely doesn’t need some sexy new analyst coming in and taking credit for her work. Or the inappropriate thoughts that keep popping out of her mouth she’d rather he not hear.

For undercover FBI agent Drew Kerrigan, computers have always made more sense than people, but he’d better develop some slick social skills in a hurry if he’s going to win over the too-tantalizing-for-his-sanity Cassie. Hacking their systems was easy. Now he’s just got to hack the one person in the company most likely to see through his ruse…

amazon barnes_and_noble ibooks kobo



✭✭✭✭✭ “Kadie Scott has delivered a wonderfully witty romantic comedy that just sparkles with charm, fun and hard won love. Her writing is masterful, flowing seamlessly from one point of view to the next with dialogue that is both fresh, funny and entertaining from the very first page until The End.” ~Emerald Book Reviews

✭✭✭✭✭ “LOVED this book! This is fun, funny, and smart – all wrapped around a great story…This is a must read for fans of the genre. Snag this one on release day – you’ll be glad you did.” ~Linda Quick, Goodreads Reviewer

✭✭✭✭ “Funny one liners, charming scenes, some nasty secrets and corporate espionage, what’s not to love? Ms. Scott may have the perfect summer read.” ~Tome Tender

✭✭✭✭✭ “Funny, smart, and sexy. And OMG the sexy nerd jokes. Loved it! If this author is not on your read list, then I highly suggest you check her out. Definitely pick this book up. It is a wonderful read.” ~Moonshine’s Corner


CompatibleTeaser2It took Cassie all of five steps away from him for Drew to move.

He was crossing a dangerous line, or on a slippery slope, or whatever other cliché you wanted to throw at the situation. He could’ve held on. After a week of ignoring every instinct he had that screamed at him to spend time with Cassie, get to know her better, and—hell, yes—kiss her a lot more, he’d thought he could make it through the investigation. After everything was over, then he could approach her.

But no way could he watch her walk away after every spark of hope in her stunning eyes had died. Stealing candy from a baby while kicking puppies and burning a hole in the ozone layer couldn’t even feel this horrible.

“Cassie.” Her name tumbled off his lips even before he’d made a final decision, or maybe his heart made it for him. No brain required.

She glanced over her shoulder, her hand on the doorknob, and raised her eyebrows.

Words failed sometimes.

Instead, Drew stalked across the room, enjoying how her eyes widened with every purposeful step he took. She turned to face him fully just as he invaded her space. Drew stepped close enough to feel her heat, relishing the faint gasp that parted her lips. He leaned into her, hand on the door behind her to ensure it stayed closed.

He gazed down into bright blue-green eyes, where a wary spark of hope had ignited, and scoured his brain for a smooth, suck-the-breath-out-of-her-lungs, thing to say. Inspiration struck and he smiled even as he spoke the words. “I’d like to unzip your files.”

She froze and blinked up at him so long Drew started to worry she didn’t get it. They hadn’t had any word play all week. Well, she’d tried, and he’d ignored. But this one was out of context, right out of the blue. Maybe…

Cassie burst out laughing, deep belly laughs that he couldn’t resist chuckling along with, even though he wasn’t quite sure yet if she was laughing at him or with him.

“That has to be the nerdiest pickup line in history.”

Drew grinned back like a moron, and relief whooshed through him as two things became evident. First, she got it. Second, she seemed receptive given the big smile and sparkly eyes, along with the fact that she wasn’t running away screaming.

“Did it work?”

They both sobered. Longing swept away any urge to laugh, and Drew swam through those eyes of hers. His body tightened in anticipation. Their breath mingled as he dipped his head, unable to wait a second longer to taste her lips again.

“Drew, are you still in here?”

Kevin’s attempt to open the door stopped short when it bumped up against Drew’s hand and Cassie’s backside.


Abigail Owen – Finalist in 2 Awards!

I try to keep my two pen names separate on my websites. But sometimes good news just has to be shared!

My alter-ego, Abigail Owen, has received two fantastic pieces of good news today! I am thrilled to announce that my paranormal romance novella, Her Demigod Complex (Legendary Consultants #1), is a finalist in the “Novella” category in 2 awards!!!

Click the links to read more…

2017 RONE Awards Finalist

2017 PRISM Awards FinalistFFandP-Prism-Finalist-2017-Mine