Chapter 1 Excerpts

Landing the Lawman (The Hills of Texas #5) | Chapter 1

The low pitch of an angry male voice carried all the way to the elevator, eclipsing even the sound of smooth jazz piping in from the speakers over Carter Hill’s head in the elevator. Despite the gruff tone to that low rumble, Carter smiled. After several years working with the man as one of his top consultants in hydrology and water rights management cases, and even having become friends, she accepted it as a bright spot of her day when she got to mess with him.

“Dammit. Where the hell is she?”

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Claiming the Cowboy for Christmas (The Hills of Texas #4) | Chapter 1

Grit your teeth and grin at all the fake concern about to head your way. Ashley Hughes made sure to plaster her brightest smile across her face as she followed her sister into Hurricane Harry’s.

The best local bar in La Colina, Harry’s was known for terrific live music and boasted over one-hundred beers on tap. Once upon a time, it had been one of her favorite hangouts. Tonight, however, the location for her sister’s bachelorette party became a source of hours of personal torture. A tax audit for the mob would be more fun.

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Taming the Troublemaker (The Hills of Texas #3) | Chapter 1

“I have a proposition to put to you.”

Autry Hill glanced up from his breakfast, a forkful of eggs hovering in midair halfway to his mouth, to find his father dropping into the seat across the table.

John Hill didn’t look his age, his hair still dark and thick with only a few grays showing at the temples in recent years. Skin deeply tanned from years working on the ranch only made his eyes appear brighter. The Hill eyes—a striking blue surrounded by a dark rim at the outer edge of the iris that made the color pop even more—were passed down several generations, and well-known in these parts.

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Resisting the Rancher (The Hills of Texas #2) | Chapter 1

Williams Hill dragged his hand over his face as he sat in his truck at a stoplight in Estes Park, Colorado. After two straight days of driving up from Texas, he was ready to reach his destination of the rodeo grounds in the small Rocky Mountain town. Flexing his shoulders to work out the kinks, he happened to glance over at the vehicle stopped next to him.

Everything in him froze… then released in a pent-up laugh.

The woman driving a shiny new black Ford truck was gorgeous with high cheekbones and pouty lips. Her long hair was pulled back in a ponytail, so he couldn’t quite make out the color, but her appearance wasn’t what had made him laugh.

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Saving the Sheriff (The Hills of Texas #1) | Chapter 1


Feeling the tug on his belt, Cash Hill looked into the tiny face of his daughter. “What, Sophia?”

“Isn’t that Mommy’s doctor friend?” she whispered. She raised her small hand and pointed behind him.

“Mommy didn’t have any doctor friends.” He tried to keep his voice down. He faced forward, eyes on his full grocery cart and the person ahead of him in the checkout line. He didn’t turn to look, didn’t need to. He knew exactly whom Sophia was talking about.

Holly Jensen.

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The Attraction Equation (Love Undercover #2) | Chapter 1

He had been trained to lie, to manipulate a situation to his advantage. But now, thanks to his loving but sometimes too involved mother, Max Carter—grown man, functioning human being, and damn good FBI Agent—needed to find a fake girlfriend for the holidays.

Epic fail.

Max dragged himself up the steps to his building. The doorman held the door open for him with a friendly smile. “Evening, Mr. Carter. Did you enjoy your Thanksgiving?”

Ten-day-old turkey warmed over probably had a better holiday than he did, but Charlie was one of those genuinely nice guys, so Max swallowed a sarcastic response and limited himself to a white lie. “I did. Thanks.”

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Landing the Lawman (The Hills of Texas #5) | Chapter 1

Cassie Howard’s brain processed her boss’s words, but logged them under “inconsequential.” She was starting a critical project for a new government contract. If she didn’t focus, her data analysis would be subpar. Cassie didn’t do subpar. Whatever Kevin needed would be fine without her.

“Everyone, can I have your attention please?”

“Cassie, that includes you.”

She groaned. They’d just won this major deal, a stepping-stone to bigger projects, projects that could have worldwide impact. If she was going to pull this off, she needed every stinking second she could scrounge. “Just a second…” She keyed in a few more lines of code, her train of thought already back with the data on her screen.


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