Why Romance?

It’s Valentine’s Day today. Ironically, despite being a romance writer, I can’t stand this holiday. I heartily dislike the idea that my loved ones must be forced to tell me they love me once a year (and vice versa). Please explain why this isn’t happening naturally throughout the year? It’s a retail driven holiday that puts pressure on singles and couples alike, and it sucks.

*Off soap box.* That said, since today is (supposed to be) about love, I think it’s a good day to share my thoughts on something. With a handful of decades reading romance and now 10 years of writing it behind me, the question I still get asked most often is why romance?

I tend to answer with a couple of different reasons. Here are my top 4:

It’s my chances to put a little happiness in a world that has way too much of the opposite.

I can hardly stand to turn on the news these days. It is a rare thing that the stories don’t display a world in chaos filled with hate and violence. By writing romance–stories inherently about HOPE–I am taking the creativity God gifted me with and putting a little happiness back into the world. Out of curiosity, what are you doing to make this a better place?

It makes me happy.

I write and read romance because it…wait for it…makes me happy. I love the interaction between the characters and their growth on the page. I love seeing how finding love makes them happy. And, again, I love the HOPE. For dragon shifters and cowboys and billionaires and nerds and outgoing peole and shy people and people who are hurting alike, the opportunity is out there. Immersing myself in things that turn out beautiful and lovely is a wonderful way to spend some hours. 

Why not? Why aren’t you reading it?

Love is at the center of all relationships (or it should be). It’s at the center of making babies (or it should be). It’s not a female-only past time (guys do feel something other than lust, I hope). And it’s not just escapism for women. Not when mysteries and action/thrillers are also out there. I don’t see most men running around beating up bad guys and solving crimes. Just saying. 

So if these books are about hope and reflecting something that everyone on this planet has the capability to experience. And the have a wish to experience it (traditional forms or not). Please explain to me why more people  don’t read romance? Maybe if more people did, this would be a happier, more hopeful world than it currently is.

Finally… The voices in my head won’t shut up, so I give their mouths something to do. 😉

Come on. You always suspected writers were crazy. I’m just saying…you’re right.  To sit in front of a computer for hours/weeks/months/days/years torturing myself and my characters isn’t exactly an easy task. But I love what I do, and the people I get to meet because I do this, and the happiness it brings. So I guess I’ll continue to put up with Valentine’s Day and sing the praises of love and romance the other 364 days of the year. 

Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxo


If I Couldn’t Be a Writer?

If I couldn’t be a writer, what would I do?

I think I’ve been asking myself this question since I was old enough to know that there was a choice. One might say that, due to the staggeringly low chances of making a living at this gig, I should have a backup plan.


There are the practical choices. Ones I’ve already taken at various points of my life. I have a degree in technical writing and did a year long internship. I’ve used that degree in almost every job I’ve had (everyone needs manuals and no one likes to write them). I also have an MBA somewhere in there.

I spent a year as a corporate trainer. I spent five years in a start up web design company doing HTML, graphic arts, and project management. I spent ten years at a major tech company doing business and customer analysis (living in spreadsheets and numbers) and project management again. And now I own a company (Authors On A Dime) where I put all those together with my passion.

I feel like I have the practical covered. That leaves the impractical, which I think is more what this question is about. If I dreamed another dream, what would it look like?

Honestly, I love being a writer so much, it’s a bit of an obsession. But…

I would LOVE to be one of the film historians/introducers/researchers/hosts at TCM (Turner Classic Movies).


I have watched classic movies all my life. I’m not like 1980s. I’m talking all the way back to the beginning of film. It started with musicals, but that just led me to all the other fantastic films out there. The stories, the acting, the golden age of Hollywood. Love it all! I would be in hog heaven being able to delve into classics, talk about them with other classics lovers, view them, analyze them. In fact, in high school, that was my top job pick. I just had no idea how to go about getting that job.

But…sigh…it’s too late now. Guess I’ll just have to stick with this dream!

What about you? What would you do if you weren’t doing what you do? 😉

How Far Back?

How far back does your earliest memory go? 

My most vivid memories start around the ages of seven and eight. Before that, it’s mostly snippets or specific moments. Special occasions like Christmases and birthdays. Family visits. Tea parties my mother would put on for my neighborhood friends. My first watch–Mickey Mouse. The different houses we lived in before settling in Texas. 


My very first memory, though, goes all the way back to when I was probably about two years old, at a guess, and involves my grandmother.

My dad’s mother lived in Texas in the same town as us, so I was lucky to get to spend time with her. She and my grandpa also owned the family house we all vacationed at in Estes Park, Colorado. And, if you know me, you know that’s my favorite place on the planet. Fitting that this memory is also tied to that place. 

My grandmother was very proper. Manners were important. Thank you notes were expected for all gifts. And we’d better call her “Grandmother.” Not Grandma, or Nana, or, heaven forbid, some southern version like MeeMaw. Children were to be heard and not see. That was harder when we were younger, but she was so lovely as I hit my teens and twenties, always sharing stories of growing up and her life with Grandpa.

But maybe you can picture her–always dressed beautifully and a little on the formal side.

In this earliest memory of mine, I’m sitting on her lap in a rocking chair in that house in Estes Park. I can picture exactly where the chair was, beside a large window that looked out over mountains. That ugly red and orange and green shag carpet. The wood panelling on the walls that would give you splints if you touched it, and the red wallpaper with the eagles.

I can picture Grandmother–slender and lovely, with her short gunmetal grey hair worn in teased curls. Although, it’s harder now to separate what she looked like when I was older from what she must’ve looked like then–younger than I’m picturing I’m sure. She would have only been in her mid-fifties at the most, which, as I’m only a decade or so away, seems super young to me these days. 

My being about two years old sounds right, because I remember my parents along with several aunts and uncles vaguely being there. Everyone was watching me with Grandmother. So probably one of those moments of a grandparent and grandchild with lots of pictures.

Grandmother, at the time, wore glasses and she always had them on one of those chains so she could wear it around her neck. And in this memory, I reach for the chain. And every single adult (except Grandmother), shout, “No! No! No!” Now, I doubt they were actually shouting. But to a child that young, that’s how the memory works. Grandmother, meanwhile, very calmly and gently took the chain from my grasp. 


That’s my earliest memory. Kind of a funny memory to have. You’d think my earliest would be of a parent, or maybe a sibling. But no. A simple memory, too. Just a small moment.  A drop in the bucket compared to an ocean of many other moments of my life.

As a writer, memories like these are not only precious for personal reasons, but also for professional reasons. Those little details are characteristics I could write into a grandmother in one of my books, or a scene I could add with a grandmother and baby granddaughter. Those small memories give those scenes and characters in my books a realism that I think would be difficult to imagine otherwise.

I’m smiling even as I write this because it’s so real to me. I miss Grandmother. 

My Favorite Thing I’ve Written

Often, the last story I finished is my favorite thing I’ve written. I think it’s because, with each new story, I’m always learning and growing. However, some stories are harder to write, some characters harder to get to know. And some are easier.

My favorite contemporary romance I’ve written, unfortunately isn’t quite out yet. But good news! It releases March 21st!!!

Why is Taming the Troublemaker my favorite (at least so far)? Several reasons.

Mostly it comes down to the hero and heroine. Beth and Autry are an unlikely couple, but just worked so well in my head and on paper. They are fun and funny together, but also become each other’s biggest, unexpected partners. In fact, this was originally titled Partnering the Playboy for just that reason.

I also loved writing in several scenes that had me laughing out loud as they came to me. Incidents which fit these characters and yet drive them. Most of these scenes I drew from my own real life experiences–including a skunk and a scene with a purse in a car. (You’ll see.)

Finally, I used a different technique while writing this book. One that served me so well, I intend to use it on all future books, because I think it helped me craft a smoother, more polished first draft which resulted in easier revisions.

I will be very curious to see if readers love this one just as much as I do!

Look for Taming the Troublemaker this March!!!

2019 Personal Blog Challenge


I loved doing the blog challenge last year with Marketing for Romance Writers. This year, I’ve decided to make my own personal challenge to follow. Here are the topics for 2019:

  • Week 1: Favorite Thing I’ve Written (& Why)
  • Week 2: Writing Great Beginnings
  • Week 3: My Earliest Memory
  • Week 4: Worst Writing Advice I’ve gotten
  • Week 5: Groundhog’s Day (2nd) – Unusual Holidays in the U.S.
  • Week 6:  What Would I Do If I Couldn’t Be a Writer
  • Week 7: Valentine’s Day (14th) – Why Romance Novels?
  • Week 8: My Contest Experiences
  • Week 9: A Book That Has Influenced My Life
  • Week 10: Mardi Gras (5th) – Feast Before Famine
  • Week 11: What I Learned from My Worst Review
  • Week 12: Skunks & Purses (Taming the Troublemaker)
  • Week 13: Top 5 Things on My Bucket List
  • Week 14: April Fool’s (1st) – What Is Funny?
  • Week 15: Creative Outlets I Enjoy
  • Week 16: Easter (21st) – Faith in Romance Novels
  • Week 17: Dreams vs. Reality (The Rookie)
  • Week 18: What is the Top Comment/Question People Ask?
  • Week 19: Mother’s Day (12th) – Mothers in Romance Novels
  • Week 20: Book Lover’s Con
  • Week 21: When Did I Know I Could Be a Writer?
  • Week 22: Memorial Day (27th) – Great Sacrifice
  • Week 23: The American President: A Lesson for Writers
  • Week 24: Father’s Day (16th) – Great Dads are Sexy
  • Week 25: Who Do I Look Up To or Aspire to Be?
  • Week 26: What Does Success Look Like for a Writer?
  • Week 27: July 4th – A Rogue Nation
  • Week 28: New Methods That Have Worked for Me This Year
  • Week 29: Confidence: Fake It and Fake It Some More
  • Week 30: RWA Nationals
  • Week 31: Our NYC Vacation
  • Week 32: How Much of Myself is in My Writing
  • Week 33: Dealing with the “Middle” of Your Book
  • Week 34: 20 Rookie Writer Mistakes
  • Week 35: Mass Market Paperback vs. eBook (The Rogue King)
  • Week 36: Labor Day (2nd) – Hard Work & a Little Bit of Luck
  • Week 37: My Biggest Frustrations as a Writer
  • Week 38: What I Learned from Rejection
  • Week 39: Native American Day (27th) – We Should Do More
  • Week 40: Writing: Myth vs. Fact
  • Week 41: Friends or Enemies to Lovers Trope (Claiming the Cowboy)
  • Week 42: Boss’s Day (16th) – Agents & Editors
  • Week 43: Me Too & Paranormal Romance
  • Week 44: Halloween (31st) – Why is this My Favorite Holiday?
  • Week 45: Where Do All the Ideas Come From?
  • Week 46: Veteran’s Day (11th) – Modern Day Warriors
  • Week 47: What Would I Say to Younger Me?
  • Week 48: Thanksgiving (28th) – What Are Characters Thankful For?
  • Week 49: My Favorite Blog Posts This Year
  • Week 50: What I Learned from My Parents
  • Week 51: Greatest Successes & Epic Failures
  • Week 52: Christmas (25th) – Writing Fantastic Endings
  • Week 01: 2019 Accomplishments & 2020 Goals

2018 Accomplishments & 2019 Goals

It’s coming up on the end of the old year and beginning of the new, and you know what that means… Goals. 

Look at how you did on the old ones and set some new ones. I do this every year for personal and professional goals. Let’s take a look at those author ones.



I had a wonderful 2018 with new releases, time with wonderful friends, fun at conferences, and growing my skill set. Here are some of the highlights:

  • WRITE BOOKS – Contracts to fulfill means a ton of words written and books edited… 
    • 300k words written
    • 4 novels written, 2 novels edited, 1 novella edited
    • 3 proposals written and submitted (pending)
    • Finished edits on and released:
      • Resisting the Rancher, Hills of Texas #2 (contemporary)
      • The Mate, Fire’s Edge Prequel (paranormal)
      • The Boss, Fire’s Edge #1 (paranormal)
    • Finalized edits, release pending:
      • The Rogue King, Inferno Rising #3 (paranormal)
    • Wrote, submitted, and edited:
      • Partnering the Playboy, Hills of Texas #3 (contemporary)
      • Claiming the Cowboy for Christmas, Hills of Texas #4 (contemporary)
    • Wrote and submitted (in editing process):
      • The Rookie, Fire’s Edge #2 (paranormal)
      • The Blood King, Inferno Rising #3 (paranormal)
  • CONTRACTS – 3 books contracted
    • A huge thank you to everyone who helped make this a great year. Especially those who really believe in my books and AOAD! In particular:
      • My awesome readers. Your words of enjoyment and encouragement mean more than I can express. xoxo
      • My husband & kids
      • My family
      • Evan Marshall, my agent
      • Heather Howland, my Entangled editor
      • Sinclair Sawhney, my Tule editor
      • Nicole Flockton, my bestie
      • Alyssa Day
      • Anna Stewart
      • Tracy Goodwin
      • Erin Bevan
      • Dawn Dowdle
      • The awesome teams of folks who make me a better author in so many ways @ Entangled Publishing, Tule Publishing, Crimson Romance, and Wild Rose Press.
      • Every author I get the opportunity to share my love of writing with throughout the year, because y’all are my people, my tribe, my friends.
      • The fantastic bloggers/reviewers who took the time to read my books an post reviews. You rock!
  • FUN & FRIENDS – Great times with fellow authors
    • Loved every second at RWA Nationals in Denver and Shameless in Orlando, as well as on writing retreats, at my ARWA chapter meetings, and online with friends.
    • Fresh Fiction Fresh Pick – Resisting the Rancher (contemporary)
    • Beat my own ranking record twice
      • The Wrong Kind of Compatible – BookBub sale
        • #105 Amazon, #1 B&N, #10 Apple, #30 Kobo
      • The Attraction Equation – BookBub sale
        • #45 Amazon, #3 B&N, #4 Apple, #2 Kobo
    • Grow revenue
      • While writing is my passion, reality means I also have to grow it as a business. I had a goal to double my gross revenue. I beat that goal and tripled it. 
  • AOAD – Authors On A Dime
    • Continued to grow the business.
    • I had a goal to double my gross revenue. And I multiplied it by 5X!!!!! (Wow!)
    • Took on new clients and more contractors.
    • Loved every second of working as Alyssa Day’s VPA.
    • Took a position as a cover artist for The Wild Rose Press.
  • EDUCATION – Get Better
    • My goal every year: Improve as an author by attending workshops. Between 2 conferences, my awesome local RWA chapter, and online chapters, I took a ton this year. Feel like I learned a lot!

2019 GOALS


Like last year, my goals this year surround completing contracts already signed and releasing several books that have been ready for a while. Also on the list is setting up contracts that would continue my trajectory through 2020/2021.

  • PUBLICATION – Look for the following releases…
    • Taming the Troublemaker, The Hills of Texas #3 (contemporary) – Mar 21
    • The Rookie, Fire’s Edge #2 (paranormal) – April 22
    • The Rogue King, Inferno Rising #1 (paranormal) – August 27 (MASS MARKET PAPERBACK!!!)
    • Claiming the Cowboy for Christmas, The Hills of Texas #4 (contemporary) – Oct 15
  • WRITE BOOKS – Contracts to fulfill means a ton of words to write… (between 300k-400k words total)
    • Finish editing process and/or rewrites…
      • The Rookie, Fire’s Edge #2 (paranormal)
      • The Blood King, Inferno Rising #2 (paranormal)
      • Claiming the Cowboy for Christmas, The Hills of Texas #4 (contemporary)
    • Write and submit
      • The Faller, Fire’s Edge #3 (paranormal)
      • Loving the Lawman, Hills of Texas #5 (contemporary)
      • The Warrior King, Inferno Rising #3 (paranormal)
      • The Enforcer, Fire’s Edge #4 (paranormal) – won’t finish this one in 2019, but not long into 2020)
      • Possible novellas in between. Hoping to finish the last novella in the Legendary Consultants series. 
  • AOAD – Authors On A Dime
    • Continue to grow the business thru cold calling.
      • Since we grew revenue so much last year, my goal is to double revenue YoY
    • Continue as a Virtual Personal Assistant for author Alyssa Day.
    • Continue to design covers for The Wild Rose Press
  • FUN & FRIENDS – Great times with fellow authors
    • Secretary on Board of Directors for Austin RWA (local chapter)
    • Attending a local Romance Readers Social, Book Lovers Con in New Orleans, and RWA Nationals in NYC this year. Check out events!
    • A writing retreat with bestie Nicole.
    • Spending time with my tribe of awesome readers/authors/editors/agent/and friends. One of the best parts of what I do!
    • I’m fairly busy with the contracts signed in 2017/2018. I have 5 more contracted books to complete thru 2020.
    • Evan and I are in process on 3 or 4 different proposal projects, so we’ll see where those lead. 🙂
  • EDUCATION – Get Better
    • It’s a goal of mine every single year to continue to improve as an author by attending lots of workshops.
    • This is a passion, but also a business. A few business goals this year.
      • Cut spending by 50% YoY (already have a plan here)
      • Hold gross income flat YoY

The Easiest Holiday Meal Ever

I have a confession to make… While I LOVE great food, and I can cook or bake just fine if I have to, I actually don’t like to cook or bake. I don’t enjoy being tied to the kitchen, probably because cooking is often one of those activities that I can’t multi-task. Just not my favorite.


That being said, when I have folks over, especially for a holiday meal, I still want to feed them fantastic food. Which is why, over the years, I have garnered a list of the easiest–yet still mighty tasty–holiday meal dishes. (For you food snobs out there…don’t knock these until you try them.) I can cook Christmas dinner with little to no time, stress, or dishes to wash afterward. And yet, I still get asked for my recipes.

Are you ready for my super secret holiday meal list? You can pick and choose from the following:



Raspberry Chipotle Cream Cheese Dip

Sounds so complicated. But what you do is buy a block of cream cheese, a box of Tricuits (or other crackers), and a bottle of raspberry chipotle marindae from the aisle with all the marinades and sauces.

On a tray, put the cream cheese block in the center. Smother with the sauce. Place the crackers around it or nearby. Done. 

Pre-cut Cubes of Cheese

All grocery stores have these in the  deli area. I’m a fan of smoked gouda, cobly jack, or sharp cheddar. The trick with these is to also get a selection of crackers, some plain and some fancier.

Jason’s Deli Fruit Tray

Or, if you buy a fruit tray from a grocery store (or, gasp, take the time to make your own, which defeats the purpose of this list), make sure to make the sauce.

Mix brown sugar into sour cream until it is the desired sweetness. Thank me later!

Grocery Store Veggie Tray

I would say “enough said”, but honestly, I can’t stand the ranch dressing that comes with the store bought trays. Plus there’s never enough. So make sure to buy a bottle of your favorite ranch dressing with this.

Lil’ Smokies in BBQ Sauce

In a small crock pot, mix the Lil’ Smokies with a bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce. It seams hokey, but people eat these up.

Queso (Spicyish Cheese Dip for you northerners)

This is so much easier than anyone not from a state with lots of Mexican or TexMex foods makes it. 

In a crockpot, mix a block of velveeta cheese (sometimes more than a block) and a can of Rotel (I prefer mild so it works for everyone). 

Serve with tortilla chips. I like the scoops. 

Main Course


I’ll admit, I don’t have a ton of main courses for you.  Lol. 

Honey Baked Ham

As easy as reading the directions to pop it in the oven. OR you can serve it cold as well. I like it both ways. Also makes for fantastic leftovers, or chop up the left overs and add them to the cheesy hashbrown dish listed below for a whole new meal days later.

Side Dishes


Country Crock Mashed Potatoes

Buy in the deli part of the grocery store usually. I prefer the homestyle. Heats in 5-10 minutes. One thing feeds 5-7 people. I serve in a nice dish and get asked for my mashed potato recipe all the time.

Cheesy Hashbrown Potato Bake

Mix 1 back of hashbrown style potatoes (from the frozen section) with 8oz sour cream, a can of cream of chicken soup, and a bag of shredded mild cheddar cheese. Stir in a full stick of chopped up butter. Put it in a baking dish (9×13) and bake at 350 degrees until it’s bubbling and a little brown on top (usually about an hour). BTW…you can cook these hotter and faster if you need to. It’s hard to mess them up.

Green Bean Casserole (with a trick)

Get the French’s Crispy Fried Onions and follow the recipe on the back. To make it go faster, buy a few bags (2 usually does it) of the “steamers” green beans that you just steam in the microwave. Also cuts down on baking time because they’re already hot. 

Cranberry Sauce

I love the canned stuff. And nothing is easier. Open can, plop on tray, cut into slices. Voilà.

Honey Baked Ham Sweet Potatoes

One of the best sweet potato recipes out there. Buy the dish, bake per instructions (it does take a while, so time it well). Done. 

King’s Hawaiian Rolls

I love them for every dinner. Lol. And don’t bother toasting them in the oven. They’re great served as is.



Restaurants Are Your Friends

I actually have a TON of dessert recipes that I love, but this list is about ease. So when I want dessert done easy, I turn to restaurants. Not just any. I scout and scour and sample the desserts at all local restaurants, ask about if I can order my favorite ones for parties, until I cultivate a list of go to desserts guaranteed to please. 

Here in Austin, it’s Dahlia’s pies–especially their buttermilk pie and chocolate chess pie. OMG. So tasty.

So Are Your Family & Friends

You know how for holiday meals, the people you are feeding usually ask how they can help? Well…have them bring the desserts. Doesn’t get easier than that. 😉

Oh… you want some ideas you can make yourself? Okay. Here are two super easy crowd favs.

Better Than Sex Cake

Super easy cake that happens to be one of my all time favs (and not just because of the name). I wrote the recipe out on Paranormal Romantics this month. Here you go:

Cherry Dump Cake

In a 9×13 bake dish dump a large can of crushed pineapple in and spread evenly. Then dump in a large can of cherry pie filling and spread evenly. Cover with a box of yellow cake mix (dry / unprepared). Top one half with chopped nuts (I like walnuts for this). Drizzle the whole thing with a stick of butter. Bake at 350 degrees for 50-60 minutes (until bubbly and lightly browned on the top). Done.

I hope I’ve given you some stress free holiday meal ideas. I’m always looking for ways to serve great food for the least amount of effort possible, so if you have any ideas to add, please share in the comments!!!

Do or Do Not | #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge

Thanks to Yoda I have my marching orders. Do, or do not. There is no try.


This week in the #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge, we’ve been prompted to write about our biggest fears. I could certainly go on and on about the usual ones many of us share–heights (Yes, I was a skydiver. I’m kookey that way.), spiders, elevators don’t thrill me. You get the point. But, if I’m being honest, there is one fear that rules them all.


Queue Pyscho music. (more…)

Writing Rituals

giphy-1This week we’re talking about writing rituals in the blog challenge. The thing is… I don’t think I have one I use consistently. I don’t rub a statue or blow kisses to the writing gods or open things in a certain order. I don’t have lucky socks or have to talk to my mom before I start or anything like that.

What I do have are tricks and habits. I have tons that I call on in different phases of the process, and not always the same way, or the same time in the process. Most frequently used are:


Especially during the first draft process, getting an hour a day to sprint with my BFF guarantees I get words on paper regularly.

The Treadmill Desk

20180911_124519.jpgBest invention ever for someone with ADD because I can multitask in a way that doesn’t detract from either activity. I walk and write at the same time. I do this for at least 1 hour (often when sprinting with Nic). It helps me stay on target.

The Reference & Prompts Books

Sometimes these come out before I start, sometimes while writing the first draft, and sometimes on the second draft. THese are my brain teasers and reminders and “did you think to add this” prompters. The ones I use most are:

  • Verbalize by Damon Suede
  • Various Writing Thesauruses by Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi
  • Sixteen Master Archetypes by Cowden, LaFever, & Viders

The 2nd Draft

I live for the second draft when I get to make the story good. My first draft is simply to get the bare bones of the story on paper. Typically, I don’t go back and second draft it–fix and fluff–until first draft is completely done. Lately, though I’ve been second drafting a scene at a time, which is giving me a more complete book when I’m done. We’ll see if I stick to that. Lol.

The Moment

There is at least one (usually several) guaranteed moments where I decide that what I’m writing is pure drivel, all my readers will definitely figure out that I am NOT a writer, and this it it. The end. Usually this comes mid-way through 1st draft.

Beyond that, ever book is different. I will be really curious to see what writing rituals my fellow authors in the blog challenge share. Other authors, do you have any?


I am participating in MFRW’s 52-week blog challenge, and it’s a blog hop! If you want to see how other authors approach this topic, stroll on over to the other authors participating and find out how they deal with character profiles. Each author does it differently.

Trivia Queen–#MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge

This week in the MFRW blog challenge we are talking about useless talents. It probably doesn’t get much more useless than trivia (which happens to be my superpower).

qimg_1535645907930That’s right. I am a trivia junkie. I am a multi-time champion of various trivia related events–think Geeks Who Drink and cruise trivia (I owned our Disney cruise this summer).

I’m not saying I know everything–that’s for dang sure. I’m weak on sports trivia and most political trivia (unless it’s the chronological order of presidents or British monarchy). I’m almost unbeatable at movies (especially classics) and (more…)