2020 Stiletto Contest Finalist | Claiming the Cowboy for Christmas

I am thrilled to announce Claiming the Cowboy for Christmas is a finalist for the 2020 Stiletto Awards in the Published Mid-Length Contemporary Romance category!!!

The Stiletto Contest is a contest held annually by my awesome RWA chapter, Contemporary Romance Writers.  The contest has categories for both unpublished and published romance authors in a variety of contemporary romance categories.

Winners will be announced and presented via Facebook Live on July 25, 2020!

This year, I was thrilled to learn that I’m a finalist (first time to final in this contest–eek!)! Huge congrats to all the finalists in the various categories! (Especially my writing BFF, Nicole Flockton who double finaled!!!) And hooray!


Finalists are listed in no particular order. List also posted on the Contemporary Romance Writers (CRW) website.

Contemporary Romance – Long

Taming Beckett by GK Brady
The Hocus Pocus Magic Shop by Abigail Drake *
Love, Chocolate, and a Dog Named Al Capone by Abigail Drake *
Wanna Bet by Betsy Dudak
Matching Bloodlines by Deborah Garland

Contemporary Romance – Mid-Length

Kisses & Kismet by Kris Jayne *
This Time Around by Jennie Kew *
True North by Amy Knupp *
Claiming the Cowboy for Christmas by Kadie Scott *
Season of ‘72 by Karen Tomsovic

Contemporary Romance – Short

Power Play by Anna DePalo
Next Door Knight by Nicole Flockton *
Love in San Francisco by Shirley Hailstock
Wanted: Billionaire’s Wife by Susannah Erwin *
Lost in Paradise by Rachel Lacey

Contemporary Romance – Novella

Guarding Amberley by Nicole Flockton *
Believe Me by Kay Harris *
Off Limits by Nicky Locker *

* Denotes Member of Contemporary Romance Writers chapter

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