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My Favorite Thing I’ve Written

Often, the last story I finished is my favorite thing I’ve written. I think it’s because, with each new story, I’m always learning and growing. However, some stories are harder to write, some characters harder to get to know. And some are easier.

My favorite contemporary romance I’ve written, unfortunately isn’t quite out yet. But good news! It releases March 21st!!!

Why is Taming the Troublemaker my favorite (at least so far)? Several reasons.

Mostly it comes down to the hero and heroine. Beth and Autry are an unlikely couple, but just worked so well in my head and on paper. They are fun and funny together, but also become each other’s biggest, unexpected partners. In fact, this was originally titled Partnering the Playboy for just that reason.

I also loved writing in several scenes that had me laughing out loud as they came to me. Incidents which fit these characters and yet drive them. Most of these scenes I drew from my own real life experiences–including a skunk and a scene with a purse in a car. (You’ll see.)

Finally, I used a different technique while writing this book. One that served me so well, I intend to use it on all future books, because I think it helped me craft a smoother, more polished first draft which resulted in easier revisions.

I will be very curious to see if readers love this one just as much as I do!

Look for Taming the Troublemaker this March!!!

2019 Personal Blog Challenge


I loved doing the blog challenge last year with Marketing for Romance Writers. This year, I’ve decided to make my own personal challenge to follow. Here are the topics for 2019:

  • Week 1: Favorite Thing I’ve Written (& Why)
  • Week 2: Writing Great Beginnings
  • Week 3: My Earliest Memory
  • Week 4: Worst Writing Advice I’ve gotten
  • Week 5: Groundhog’s Day (2nd) – Unusual Holidays in the U.S.
  • Week 6:  What Would I Do If I Couldn’t Be a Writer
  • Week 7: Valentine’s Day (14th) – Why Romance Novels?
  • Week 8: My Contest Experiences
  • Week 9: A Book That Has Influenced My Life
  • Week 10: Mardi Gras (5th) – Feast Before Famine
  • Week 11: What I Learned from My Worst Review
  • Week 12: Skunks & Purses (Taming the Troublemaker)
  • Week 13: Top 5 Things on My Bucket List
  • Week 14: April Fool’s (1st) – What Is Funny?
  • Week 15: Creative Outlets I Enjoy
  • Week 16: Easter (21st) – Faith in Romance Novels
  • Week 17: Dreams vs. Reality (The Rookie)
  • Week 18: What is the Top Comment/Question People Ask?
  • Week 19: Mother’s Day (12th) – Mothers in Romance Novels
  • Week 20: Book Lover’s Con
  • Week 21: When Did I Know I Could Be a Writer?
  • Week 22: Memorial Day (27th) – Great Sacrifice
  • Week 23: The American President: A Lesson for Writers
  • Week 24: Father’s Day (16th) – Great Dads are Sexy
  • Week 25: Who Do I Look Up To or Aspire to Be?
  • Week 26: What Does Success Look Like for a Writer?
  • Week 27: July 4th – A Rogue Nation
  • Week 28: New Methods That Have Worked for Me This Year
  • Week 29: Confidence: Fake It and Fake It Some More
  • Week 30: RWA Nationals
  • Week 31: Our NYC Vacation
  • Week 32: How Much of Myself is in My Writing
  • Week 33: Dealing with the “Middle” of Your Book
  • Week 34: 20 Rookie Writer Mistakes
  • Week 35: Mass Market Paperback vs. eBook (The Rogue King)
  • Week 36: Labor Day (2nd) – Hard Work & a Little Bit of Luck
  • Week 37: My Biggest Frustrations as a Writer
  • Week 38: What I Learned from Rejection
  • Week 39: Native American Day (27th) – We Should Do More
  • Week 40: Writing: Myth vs. Fact
  • Week 41: Friends or Enemies to Lovers Trope (Claiming the Cowboy)
  • Week 42: Boss’s Day (16th) – Agents & Editors
  • Week 43: Me Too & Paranormal Romance
  • Week 44: Halloween (31st) – Why is this My Favorite Holiday?
  • Week 45: Where Do All the Ideas Come From?
  • Week 46: Veteran’s Day (11th) – Modern Day Warriors
  • Week 47: What Would I Say to Younger Me?
  • Week 48: Thanksgiving (28th) – What Are Characters Thankful For?
  • Week 49: My Favorite Blog Posts This Year
  • Week 50: What I Learned from My Parents
  • Week 51: Greatest Successes & Epic Failures
  • Week 52: Christmas (25th) – Writing Fantastic Endings
  • Week 01: 2019 Accomplishments & 2020 Goals