New Cover & Excerpt – The Wrong Kind of Compatible

The Wrong Kind of Compatible is getting a new cover and I LURV it so much! I hope you do. It will go up on retailers soon, but here it is for your viewing pleasure (along with an excerpt)…





His name came out like a blast from a shotgun, and Cassie was vaguely aware of several heads in cubes turning her direction.

He stood up to face her, blinking in seeming innocence. “Is there a problem?”

Cassie wasn’t sure whether she wanted to laugh at the question or bop the man over the head.

“Yes,” she said in deliberately slow cadence, each word dripping in sarcasm. “There’s a problem when you go off on your own, when all I asked you to do was check my numbers.”

Drew held up his hands. “I’m sorry if I stepped on your toes, but this is worth a look.”

God. She really had found the male version of herself.  “You’re right.”

He cocked his head. “I am?”

“Yes. You’re stepping all over my toes. They’re practically black and blue thanks to you tromping around.”

Drew actually looked down at her feet as if he’d see her toes all bruised up for real, then glanced back up, an oddly assessing light in his eyes. “But if you’ll just take a moment…” He pointed at the screen.

Irritation hijacked her common sense, and she stepped into him. Because Drew was already standing close, they were now practically chest to…well, she was short…so boobs to abs. She still managed to squeeze her hand between them and poke him in the pecs with her finger. “Knock it off, Kerrigan. My recommendations are what we’re going with.”

Drew’s unnatural stillness filtered through her annoyance. A burning need in blue eyes now laser focused on her.

Sweet baby Jesus. The nerves in her body, already revved up, jumped right back to hot, luscious life as blood flooded every erogenous zone, including a few she hadn’t been aware she had.

“Cassie, Drew… You guys ready?”

Drew jerked his head up, straightening away from her at the same time, and Cassie whipped her head around to find Kevin at the end of the aisle waiting.

“Be right there,” she called, and hoped to high heaven Kevin hadn’t noticed her choked voice, how close she’d been standing to Drew, or the tension practically radiating off them both.

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