A Nominee for the RONEs – Please Vote


I need your help! Every year, InD’Tale magazine honors the books they’ve reviewed with the RONE Awards. The Wrong Kind of Compatible is up for the award in the Contemporary: Cops, Jocks & Cowboys category!

The way the RONE Awards work is…

  • PHASE 1: Throughout the year, InD’Tale reviews books.
  • PHASE 2: Books with 4.5 or 5-star reviews are put up for reader voting.
  • PHASE 3: The top reader voted books move on to a judging pool of editors, agents, and other industry professionals to determine winners.

The Wrong Kind of Compatible earned a 4.5-Star review, and reader voting starts TODAY!

If you loved The Wrong Kind of Compatible, I’m hoping you’d consider voting for it.

Voting for the Contemporary: Cops, Jocks, & Cowboys genre lasts from May 7th-13th. You do have to login to InD’Tale to vote. A huge thank you in advance!!!


2 thoughts on “A Nominee for the RONEs – Please Vote

Add yours

  1. Congrats on the nomination. I have voted. Voting for these this is often humbling. I read veraciously. Then I see lists like this and am appalled the I don’t know any of the books or authors. *sigh* But, I know you and I have read this book. Whew! *wipes brow* A nice feeling for a change. I can vote confidently that the story was a good one, and not just a fun title – although that is true too. The only vote I did on this one, if that counts for anything. Good luck. I hope you win. I loved this book and think it deserves to win!


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