The RIGHT or WRONG Man: Bridget Jones


Several awesome authors and I are taking over Entangled’s Facebook page today and debating love triangles and if the heroines ended up with the RIGHT man or the WRONG man! (Each of us is offering a giveaway. Comment with your own opinions on our FB posts to enter!)

I’m looking at 2 triangles, but the same heroine: BRIDGET JONES!

bridgetjonesdiarymovieposterI recently watched the latest installment of the Bridget Jones movies, an on-page and on-screen romance I’ve always loved. Though maybe Colin Firth had a lot to do with that. I’ve been in love with him since Pride & Prejudice. So, I have chosen to look at the RIGHTS and WRONGS of both the romantic triangles from that series of books/films. Bridget-Daniel-Mark and Bridget-Jack-Mark.

After 10 years as an analyst, I decided to approach this scientifically. To help us decide if Bridget chose the right man, I’ve ranked each relationship on a “compatibility” scale I totally made up (when I couldn’t find an official list I liked online). Because, after all, I write romance, so I should know what makes for good compatibility. Right?

Five categories with a potential top score of 10 each, potential total score of 50. (Oh, and I’ll be using the movies for this fun exercise, just so we’re all on the same page.)


Let’s do this…

Bridget & Daniel Cleaver – 32 TOTAL SCORE

 Physical Chemistry – 8

Hard not to have chemistry with a good looking, charming, charismatic fella like Hugh Grant, or even the character of Daniel.

Similar Upbringing / Share Core Values – 4

We don’t find out Daniel’s upbringing. His education and friendship with Mark hints at a wealthy background, but he’s not uptight. Unfortunately, the cheating/womanizing thing drops his score here even more.

Interests Overlap / You Have Fun Together – 9

Daniel is a ton of fun, and the kind of guy that Bridget relaxes and enjoys spending lots of time laughing with.

Accept Each Other’s Quirks – 10

The fact that he loves her large/stomach-holding-in panties is kind of adorable.

Honesty with Each Other – 1

Again, the darn cheating/womanizing thing.


Bridget & Jack – 32 TOTAL SCORE

 Physical Chemistry – 7

She falls into bed with him, because he’s adorable. Which, let’s face it, Patrick Dempsy is. Not quite as off the charts as with Daniel or Mark though (IMO).

Similar Upbringing / Share Core Values – 8

Not sure about the upbringing, but he steps up on the dad thing despite her not being sure who the father is. So, we’ll give him top marks for those values.

Interests Overlap / You Have Fun Together – 3

He’s an uber-brilliant billionaire. I just don’t see it.

Accept Each Other’s Quirks – 6

I think Bridget’s quirks would have eventually driven him nuts. But again, he accepted the baby news well.

Honesty with Each Other – 8

He takes a lot of big, complicated news in stride. However, he lied to Mark in an effort to keep Bridget to himself.


Bridget & Mark Darcy – 36 TOTAL

Physical Chemistry – 9

It’s not immediate (that stupid sweater), which is why I don’t give them a 10. But when Colin Firth turns on that “Mr. Darcy” gaze, be still my heart.

Similar Upbringing / Share Core Values – 4

I would argue they are very, very different people, which is why it takes so long for them to marry (and he even marries someone else in between). He’s still a good person, and helpful in the kitchen, so I didn’t give them a 2.

Interests Overlap / You Have Fun Together – 6

They do have fun together eventually. But in general, they don’t share many common interests, and he can be a little too uptight for her fun-loving personality.

Accept Each Other’s Quirks – 10

Not quite in the same style as Daniel, but I think Mark loves her because of her quirks. “Just the way she is.” Just for that line alone, he gets a 10.

Honesty with Each Other – 7

They do have communication issues, which lowers the score. But none of that is deliberate or malicious, which is why I’m not giving them a score in the bottom 5.



It ended up being a close race, proving that sometimes RIGHT and WRONG aren’t as clear cut as you’d think. None of them really stood out as the perfect man. But who wants perfect anyway? That’d be boring.

Despite the cheating, Daniel still managed to tie with the very nice (and rich) Jack, mostly because he and Bridget get along so well and he enjoys her quirks (like the underwear). I think Jack tied with Daniel because he has less in common with Bridget, but still hung in the race because he is so darn nice and handled the pregnancy/two dads thing so well.

But neither of them are the right guy for our Bridget.

Based on my highly scientific and objective (ha!) scoring methods Mark Darcy emerges as the right man for Bridget! Granted, his score is still in the 30s and only 4 points above the other men, mostly because he and Bridget have so little in common. A fact that’s obviously continued to cause issues. But sometimes WRONG can be so RIGHT!

I also agree with Bridget’s choice because Mark Darcy is my personal favorite despite the wrong turn they took with that last movie. Never break up a couple once they’ve found HEA-for-now (I’m talking to you Star Wars franchise) in such a way that their getting back together isn’t as satisfying or is impossible.

What do you think? Do you agree with my scoring system? The scores I gave? If you score them differently, does a different man win?


Hop on over to the Entangled Facebook event and comment with your own opinions on my post to be entered for a random drawing of this fantastic prize pack:


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Don’t forget to check out the other author’s right/wrong debates and comment to be entered for their giveaways. 🙂 And make sure to check out my new romantic comedy—The WRONG King of Compatible!!!




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